Cost Optimization Service

We, Zero Heroes, are passionate about growing businesses and optimizing capital utilization, delivering the result - “Zero Wastage” to businesses across industries. Through our experience and expertise, we recommend you best-in-class processes and strategies. Being able to continuously deliver, we have adopted a 100% performance-based payment model. We get paid a part of the tangible returns we deliver to you. Our expense rationalization service involves both strategic as well as tactical changes, customized to your needs.

Zero Heroes study each function to map the expenditure of your company. Whether it is optimizing your direct spends like raw materials, labor and procurement or indirect spend like telecommunications, office supplies, transport, payroll services. We uncover costs that yield little or no impact on the intended business outcomes which is typically overlooked by internal management teams. Our ZERO tolerance to wastage enables our HEROES to sniff out expenses that can be fruitfully redeployed for better use. Cost savings enable either a direct increase in profit or redeployment of funds resulting in increased revenue opportunities, driving faster growth.



Cost Transformation

Our Cost Management service will eliminate activities that are non-value adding and reallocate your resources. One of the ways we do this is by enabling the choice of make, buy or a combination of the same for the best results. We deploy cost saving and cost allocation initiatives that are time tested. By involving each stakeholder, we ensure ownership and enable you to create and maintain a company culture of ZERO wastage. We will not only execute all these initiatives but also monitor, review and modify as needed. There will be minimal involvement of the internal team in the project, leaving them free to pursue their key responsibilities. In the end, you will be left with increased working capital for investment in growth.

Corporate Support

We help you devise optimum yield from your support functions. With an understanding of your industry and business, we help you decide between third-party contracting, outsourcing or in-house. If needed, we may set-up quality standards for outsourced work.


ARSIARE facilitates organizations to make most of the available capital by optimizing communication modes, distribution expense, labour cost, packing material, recycling, reducing cost, building web-based reporting system and reducing freight cost for companies (14-36%).

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Discover how we designed processes that optimized cost by 14-60% for our clientele:


We undertook an in-depth analysis of communication modes utilised, service providers and the effectiveness of control points set by the organization. This led to a 35% reduction in average cost and enhanced visibility of existing expenses.

Contract Labour Utilisation and Cost Rationalisation

We analyzed shifts planning process & the records maintained for the same, identified key critical areas and enhanced the existing process. This led to substantial savings in contract labor cost.

Distribution Expense

We rationalized the distribution expenses through redesigning / re-planning of the Pan India Inventory Depots. By benchmarking the same to industry standards, we reduced the commission expenses.


We developed MIS system to monitor dispatches. Based on MIS data, the required process changes within the organization were introduced and contracts were re-negotiated with existing vendors. As a result, there was a 30% reduction in the average monthly costs along with high visibility of existing expenses. A similar exercise in another organization led to 18% reduction in expenses.

Re-use of Packing Material

We set-up a system of transferring the packing material for reuse as, secondary packing. This led to savings of over Rs 60 lakhs per annum.

Material Recycling:

We designed a system with the supplier to ensure recycling of the packing material. It resulted in a 60% reduction in the packing cost.

Field Reporting

We changed the manual reporting format of the field employees from physical documents to web-based reporting. This led to a reduction in the turnaround time of MIS generation from 45 days to less than 8 days. The overall operational expenses also reduced by more than 30%. This exercise involved being part of the implementation team in service provider identification, software development, etc.

Product Packing Analysis in Conjunction with SCM / Production

Based on the analysis of the product packing for RM / PM and finished products, improvements were made in consultation with the production team and SCM team. Due to this, there were reductions in the manufacturing cost (labour cost) and also freight costs.

Freight Cost

We modified the material dispatch process, set-up MIS & Information flow between different warehouses. As a result, the monthly freight cost at the factory was reduced by 36%. Labour cost for loading/unloading and security cost was also reduced due to operational efficiency.

Freight Cost

Based on product characteristics, carton sizes were modified to optimize the pack load. Based on product weight/nature, we negotiated and designed better contracts. As an impact, there was a 14% reduction in the average monthly freight costs. Lower carton count reduced loading/unloading time, as well. In addition, there was a considerable reduction in product packing time.

Interest Cost Reduction

We rationalized interest costs through refinancing / better fund management processes. We ensured that funds are deployed on a daily basis after ranking the OS accounts on the basis of interest costs.

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