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2017 left a strong impact on Indian industries because of demonetization and digital India. While other Industries were struggling to survive, Media and Entertainment (M&E) exhibited a growth of 13%, outpacing India’s GDP growth by 50%. This is because people’s appetite for entertainment was greater than ever and M&E identified, understood and served their demand. Over The Top (OTT)- digital content providers, electronic media, smarter devices, newer social platforms are influencing consumption patterns.

Today the consumer demands ‘television on the go’: Anytime multi-device access & timely delivery Minimum charges or FREE! Convenient and safe hosting platforms

Thus, creating great content alone is not enough! Great volumes of great content Available across devices and media At low costs is imperative to first survive and then grow.

The ability to deliver volumes of good content depends on robust scalable processes, systems and zero wastage – a value ingrained in every Zero Hero.

Make Optimization Your Primary Business Strategy


End-users expect good quality content delivered to them for free or at a bare minimum cost. Although as the creator, you might be inclined towards hiking the prices of your content, Zero Heroes will present you a fresh perspective and identify a true demand-based pricing model. These pricing models offer a competitive margin but maintain your overall profit. For instance, if you are a General Entertainment Channel (GEC), we help you record and analyze the behaviour of your viewer. These findings will empower you to calculate a blend of different programmes and set an adequate value: volume ratio. Telecasting a data-based balanced blend of programmes will ensure the profitability and viewership and enhance the stickability of your channel.

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With our industry expertise and best practices, Zero Heroes deploy scalable, robust and efficient processes with measurable ROI. We introduce efficiency in your vendor strategies with faster vendor approval, agreements and payment process. We help you set-up a budgeting system and monitor it to ensure cost-effective distribution of content. Our design processes enable you to efficiently maintain overtime records and attain a centralized control over the entire shooting site. We also help you choose and set-up solutions for recording the behaviour of the audience, overcome piracy issues, etc. Apart from mitigatory methods, we also suggest preventive measure such as refining your business model to encourage consumers to buy instead of downloading illegally. These are loss-leader strategies such as offering subscriptions and "Freemium" services/products.

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Whether you create tent-pole documentaries, four-quadrant movies or evening newspaper, we understand your growth drivers and challenges. Zero Heroes experts across industries, with experience ranging from 12 to 35 years, align all your fronts and consult you on issues such as cloud space requirement, broadcast platform creation, gathering user data, etc. We identify redundancies, gaps and mark areas of improvements. For example, we identify avoidable overheads from your production cost and find out better vendors for you.

For our Media & Entertainment clientele, we perform

Operations Audit Compliance to Organizational Standards Documents Audit

Risk Analysis: Financial and Integrity Project Management

Manpower Utilization & Overtime (Ergonomics) Security Records

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