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Beat the competition, with better processes and optimized capital.

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IIndia’s retail accounts for over 10% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 8% of total employment. Out of which, 78% purchases are happening purely offline, accounting for 58% of total value. E-commerce strengthened during demonetization and continues to lure consumers. On the flip side, brick and mortar retailers were quick to adapt to consumers’ need, which helped them sustain. Digital and traditional businesses evolved their model and overlapped certain aspect to serve the consumer in the best possible way.

Today consumer demands:

Home Delivery Easy Returns Discounts & Meaningful Deals Easier Payment Methods Better Shopping Experience Carefully Curated Collection

With ARSIARE, keeping up with the times won’t come at the expense of your profit. Zero Heroes design robust scalable processes & systems, with zero wastage, and requisite cost optimization techniques. This reduces your organizational cost, complexity and facilitates a self-sustainable business. Zero Heroes not only work on your inventory management or employee performance management but, as a true partner, we extend comprehensive consultation. We identify best vendors for you, help you align budget for loyalty programs, calculate competitive margins and serve your consumers better.

Efficient Working Robust Processes Optimized Spend


We, Zero Heroes, have a ‘zero tolerance to wastage’. Our time-tested cost saving and cost allocation initiatives aren’t targeted at blindly cutting costs. We efficiently segregate necessary overhead from dispensable ones. Our cost optimization solution will:

  1. Suggest investment where you get optimum ROI
  2. Manage resources for better campaigns, customer retention and optimum margin
  3. Increase your overall profit

For example, to minimize shipping costs for our digital retail clientele, we recommend multiple strategies. We suggest warehouse and distribution centre at locations which facilitate tighter integration with delivery service providers like FedEx and UPS.

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Zero Heroes aligns all functions in your value chain. To match pace with your ever-transforming industry, we design robust and scalable processes. They will prepare your team for the efficient execution of daily functions as well as unexpected circumstances. We will consult you on setting an ERP system for you, if need be, and help you spot a location with better growth opportunity. With processes that present you a transparent view of your inventory status, we ensure that you make a calculated purchase and mitigate the loss and damage of unsold products.

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ARSIARE analyzes your As-is state and identifies performance gaps, analyzes the risk and invents ways for cost optimization. Zero Heroes’ audit practices empower business owners and managers with critical field data that helps them determine what works and improve what doesn’t, in their current retail plan. We record and study your consumer’s preference, the performance of your employees and the productivity of your capital. The findings will empower you to take business decisions such as sales, customer service, marketing, and operations. For example, if you are running a loyalty program and need to evaluate the ROI, we will present a comprehensive report by analyzing the sales of discounted products, competing products in the same category and also the surge in overall sales.

For our Retail clients, we audit

Inventory levels Reputation Analysis Current Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) Performance of shelf space Competitor analysis

Damage to stocks Employee performance analysis Risk areas

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