After spending a considerable amount of time and analyzing all aspects, you have finally chosen the best-fit target to grow your business. You could be on the selling or purchasing side of high-value assets, M&A or raising funds but the success of your business transaction is determined by a critical due diligence. Due diligence helps you avoid oversight of red flags, costly mistakes and short sell of asset.

You need a team of Zero Heroes who understand the implications of failure, needs of your business and have a proven track record. ARSIARE researches and analyses for an acquisition, investment, business partnership or bank loan on behalf of buyers, stakeholders, lenders and partners. Our Due Diligence Report helps you verify the proposed deal value, uncover all concealed risk areas, determine the most effective approach for an association, develop an understanding of critical policies and procedures. Intel we provide helps you set achievable outcome expectations.


By choosing ARSIARE, you get:

✔ Dedicated domain experts for your project

✔ Maximum risks uncovered

✔ Fast turnaround time

✔ Hard due diligence + Soft due diligence analysis

✔ Assistance with setting up the operating budget

✔ Business integration recommendations

✔ Advise on optimizing the deal’s outcome


Financial Due Diligence

ARSIARE reviews and evaluates the current financial status of target asset/company. For our clients who are lending or borrowing, we mitigate risk by calculating the claimed worth of the collateral to secure the transaction. For M&A, we analyse market capitalization, quality of reported earnings and cash flow, documented assets, etc. The findings help you determine the volatility of stocks in the foreseeable future, the tentative size of the company’s end market, past and future worth of assets. The end goal is to ensure you are getting what you expect.

Qualitative Factors Analysis

Evaluating the intangible but crucial factors is a part of our comprehensive investigation. This helps you set realistic outcome of the association and attain a deeper understanding of your role. We grade the quality of record keeping and accounting systems against industry standards. We measure the appropriateness of accounting policies and procedures to guide you through a smooth transaction. Establishing the worth of off-book assets gives you a clearer picture of the future of the association.

Risk Analysis & Mitigation

Analysing the risk is the most crucial part of due diligence and our strongest suit. Our diligent approach towards risk mitigation is time tested and maintains the standard across markets, geographical regions and industries.

Soft Due Diligence

Advanced due diligence goes beyond digging numbers and into intellectual insights on the outcome of a transaction. With soft due diligence, ARSIARE is headed in that direction. We predict the projections of the future financial performance of the target company/asset. Ensuring corporate synergies and identifying differences before you sign the deal is sacrosanct. We help you evaluate this by studying the quality of internal controls and management routines.

Maximize Outcome of the Merger

For ARSIARE, due diligence isn’t limited to identifying the best-fit and safest candidate for you. We also help you make the transaction effortless and optimize the returns. Zero Heroes help you prepare operating budgets and recommend you to get business integrations with high ROI.


ARSIARE’s Internal Audit aligns all disciplines and presents you gaps and cash leaks which empowers you to take a decision driven by success.

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