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In the Engineering industry, building a reputation as the company that delivers good quality, the timely output is sacrosanct. While your skilled team acquires contracts, a constant stream of capital flow and lean operations will ensure its successful completion. ARSIARE, as your partner, assists you in building an impeccable balance sheet and robust, scalable processes that first help you sustain and then grow. Zero Heroes help you mitigate around-the-clock issues such as time management, quality control, optimum material consumption; ensuring a constant supply of raw materials through audits. With Internal Audit, Process Improvement, Due Diligence and Cost Optimization, we help you expand your market share and empower you to grow your business.

With better processes and optimized capital, become the most sought-after player.


Zero Heroes don’t just cut corners. We do a comprehensive cost reduction without damaging the targeted value of your output. We apply industry best practices by analyzing advanced reports to maximize the functioning of every process. Our cross-industry expert Zero Heroes, help you in building better vendor relationships and cost-effective procurement. For instance, we design “Pay as you go” business model for our construction engineering clientele. It is a need-based remuneration contracting. This approach keeps them asset-light and mitigates risks.

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For organizations in the engineering industry, better processes drive capital optimization. We modify processes that not only save capital but also retains expected quality and eventually betters it. Zero Heroes employ market-tested techniques which tackle optimization at floor level, ensuring smooth parallel execution of independent modules. We ensure that the process we deliver drives predictive maintenance. This helps maintain the cost of damage control, minimum downtime and guides the team through unsolicited challenges. With comprehensive processes, we ensure that you meet all your project requirements and also provide options for alternate suppliers and vendors. For example, being a tech-savvy team, we recommend the latest technology that minimizes communication gap within teams. We also ensure that this application/software keeps requisite members in the loop and is cognizant of every team’s expectation.

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Zero Heroes employ audit practices that detect and prevent fraud, monitor compliance with company policies and analyze operational performance of invested resource. We deliver a plan that detects gaps in your organization’s financial, operational and MIS effectiveness. A common challenge we help our Engineering Industry clientele identify is siloed approach within teams. If the cost of a particular problem-area is optimized on the sectional-level, it might reduce the productivity of another segment, its functioning or increase overall production cost. Ergo, we align your design, manufacture and supply team and segregate avoidable overhead costs from the essential ones.

Our audit includes the following processes and functions:

Project Management Time Audit Manpower Utilization & Overtime (Ergonomics) Material Consumption & Yield

Production Planning & Deviation Security Records Scrap & Rejection

Maintenance Audit Quality Control (Q.C/Q.A.) Audit

Production Planning Risk Analysis: Financial, Information Technology, Integrity, Operations

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